I thrive to create experiences that users will love.

In a Galaxy far far away
I’m Mathias, a user experience designer
focusing on solving problems
through research
and design, currently working for the branding company essencedesign.com during the day, while increasing my sketching skills at night.

Previously, I had the amazing opportunity to co-found the digital agency Thanksbutnothanks with a bunch of close friends.
This offered me a lot of room to test concepts and live different experiences, such as working remotely, managing a design team
and establishing workflow and processes.
Born and raised in Switzerland, I'm living in the beautiful town of Lausanne, by the Leman lake.
I'm also a Guiness lover, allergic to animal hairs, addict to (very) hot sauce, and a computer gamer.
oh..people told me I’m a hipster, but who cares.

That's me

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